.38/.357 158gr Semi-Wad Cutter (SWC) – Quantity 100


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Made using moulds optimized for our custom coating this bullet has the maximum possible bearing surface to maximize accuracy potential. Like all Zero Mike Bullets these are only available with our best in class polymer coating.

The semi-wad cutter cuts holes in paper that are almost as clean as a traditional wad cutter does. This bullet design features dual crimp grooves so that it can be loaded in .38 or .357 cases depending upon your application.

If you are not yet experienced at loading polymer coated bullets, please click on our Loading Advice section to ensure you can ensure your set up is optimised for coated bullets.

Unfortunately, we do not offer different colour options for our sample bags, we generally ship what we have in stock.

Sample bags will be sized .357 as standard.

Average weight is +- 163gr, variance is +-2gr.

Zero Smoke Zero Leading Zero Excuses

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