The Zero Mike Pricing model is designed to offer you the best value while still supplying you the best product.

We have set up a structure that we believe offers you the best value for money in the industry. Should you want to try a new bullet weight or shape we offer all our bullets in one hundred round test bags. A hundred rounds should be enough to safely work up a load and gives you enough to test your finalised loads without having to commit to a full thousand when you want to try something new. Fewer than a hundred and we worry you won’t be able to properly and safely work up a load like we always should when changing anything in our reloading.

Aside from the sample bags our standard packaging is a full thousand bullets per bag no matter the calibre or mass. Simple and straightforward, with a nice round number. Understanding that high volume shooters like to buy in bulk we have made sure to offer you rewards for committing to reasonable quantities. We offer price breaks on your orders at five thousand and another even bigger price break at ten thousand. Understanding that you may not shoot the same gun all the time, these quantities can contain any mix of any of our bullets you prefer. So, you can get all the advantages of a bulk purchase while buying for five different guns if you prefer.

One of the benefits we are happy to offer at Zero Mike Bullets is that we will cover the cost of the shipping to you, anywhere in South Africa. Lead is heavy which means shipping can add up really quickly, so this we believe is a massive advantage to you, the customer. You read that correctly free shipping on every order, every time.

If you chat to any of our brand ambassadors, they may even be able to save you a little more…

Done right it’s not just Zero Mikes and Zero Leading but also Zero Cost Shipping.