About Us

Take a team of successful business owners, with all the knowledge of customer service and the importance of supplying quality products, resulting in clients coming back year after year. Then take a team of some of South Africa’s Top Practical Shooters who understand which requirements are expected from a premium bullet during practice anfd match situations. Combine those qualities and you have the team behind Zero Mike Bullets. With more than 55 years combined experience in competitive practical shooting, with major match experience on four continents. We can proudly state, that we have been there, done that and learned the lessons from that.

We understand shooters need access to accurate and consistent bullets at a reasonable price. Just as important, we understand the importance of sufficient supply and speedy distribution. With this in mind we set up our manufacturing facility in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg offering premium bullets using every innovation possible to offer you, the rare appeal of a high quality ,reasonably priced product with fast delivery.

As a competitive shooter you need bullets offering maximum accuracy. That’s where we come in. We chose our brand ambassadors based on their knowledge, skill and their need to get the best product they can get. They have spent the last year doing their own independent testing on various set-ups we have been working on, coming back without pulling any punches. Hammering the Zero Mike package into what it is today.

We use a polymer-based bullet coating unlike anything you likely to have come across before. When loaded on properly set dies these bullets allow us to remove the concerns of smoke exiting the muzzle as well of lead fouling your barrel. The coating is resistant to levels of heat that will completely melt the lead core, while offering reduced friction compared to jacketed bullets. So you don’t only save on the cost of the bullet, but also on powder and barrel life.

We Give you

Zero Leading

Zero Excuses

Zero Delays

Zero Mikes are now all up to you.

Please have a look on our loading section for instructions on how to get the best results from your bullets. In addition, our brand ambassadors can be found on ranges and social media all over the place and they would only be happy to advise you.

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