Q. What coating are you guys using on your bullets?

A. Can you keep a secret? So can we!
Q. Is your coating available to coat my bullets?

A. No, the ZM coating is only available on ZM bullets to ensure the bullet quality matches the coating quality.
Q. Will your coating accelerate barrel wear?

A. No, this coating is free of metal particles so if anything we can expect better barrel life than with jacketed bullets.
Q. Isn’t it expensive to ship something as heavy as bullets?

A. It can be, but you will be happy to know that part of our bulk discount is to cover the shipping for you.
Q. Can I just come collect my bullets from the factory?

A. Unfortunately, not. To keep prices down and delivery fast our facility is not open for collection. Anyway, who wants to go to a load smelly factory when we can just send them to you wherever you are in SA.
Q. I’ve noticed the colour isn’t even on my bullets, is there a problem with the batch? I’ve even noticed a few grey patches, is that lead that’s not coated?

A. There’s nothing to worry about at all. The pigment in the Zero Mike Coating isn’t what offers the protection from leading and smoke. Its just there to look good. The coating itself is what protects from any issues. So, you will notice some of our colours like the Chocolate Shake and Midnight Sky have a wonderful metallic sheen with depth. They aren’t a flat colour and it doesn’t matter, just means they look more exciting as well as working better.